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31 Mar 2017

Iroman 2017 Road Closures

Gardmed Ambulance Service is proud to be a part of another Iroman event in Port Elizabeth. Due to the magnitude of this event there are many roads that will be closed. For the public's convenience we have posted the road closure schedule for Sunday below. All information can be seen on this document.
Full Road Closures: 05h00 to Midnight:
• Marine Drive from Lodge Road to
Summerstrand Hotel
• 2nd Avenue from Brighton Drive to Marine Drive
• Admiralty Way from Marine Drive to
University Way
There will be a controlled cross-over point at
Brighton Drive / Admiralty Crescent.
Partial Road Closure: 05h00 to Midnight:
• Marine Drive from Walmer Boulevard to
La Roche Drive
• Marine Drive from La Roche Drive to Lodge Road
Full Road Closures: 05h00 to 17h00:
• Marine Drive from Summerstrand Hotel to
From 17h00, access into Summerstrand / City will
be via the NMMU back gate.
• Victoria Drive from Schoenmakerskop to Glendore
Road intersection
• Sardinia Bay Road
• Heron Road
• Seaview Road from Heron Road to Van Reenen
Road, Seaview
• Elizabeth Road/Beachview Divisional Road from
Seaview Road to Beachview Drive, Beachview,
Maitlands area.
Controlled access to the following points during
road closures:
• To and from Pine Lodge only via the NMMU back
gate on Marine Drive.
• To and from the Sardinia Bay Golf Estate & Club
from Seaview / Heron Road intersection.
Concessions / Convoys – as below only:
Up to 07h15:
• Vehicles may leave from Noordhoek / Willows /
Schoenmakerskop, driving towards Victoria Drive
only to exit.
• NMBM Traffic controlled convoy departs
from Willows, picking up vehicles in
Schoenmakerskop, exiting on Victoria Drive.
• NMBM Traffic controlled convoy from
Victoria Drive / Glendore Road intersection to
Schoenmakerskop / Willows.
Up to 07h45:
• Vehicles may leave Kini Bay towards Seaview.
• NMBM Traffic controlled Convoy from Kini Bay to
Seaview on Sea Side of Road
± 16h00
• Seaview Road should open between Kini Bay
and Seaview.
Adhere to the instructions of the Traffic Officials
and Road Marshalls, please.
Our crews at Ironman 2016

Our crews at Ironman 2016

Road Closures

Road Closures